About God’s Design For Marriage

I distinctly remember driving home from one of my earliest premarital counseling sessions as a pastor saying to myself, “That was great stuff! If I was like that, Krista would think she was the most blessed wife on the planet.” Without telling her anything, I began doing that “stuff.” Sure enough, she loved it. And she began blessing me more than ever, and I loved it. Our marriage went from good to great.

Up to that point, we would both have described our marriage in glowing terms, but admittedly, we had sort of stumbled upon satisfaction. We were two decent individuals who loved each other. But we lacked intentionality and purpose. Think of Mozart sitting at the piano every once in a while, dabbling in a sonata here, writing a concerto there, playing for the family at Christmas and birthdays. That was our marriage. But once we started pursuing our relationship the way God designed it to be, we began composing a glorious symphony with new themes, dances, and melodies added almost every day.

We launched God’s Design for Marriage to help you compose your own symphony. I wrote a book (also called God’s Design for Marriage) to help engaged couples get a better start than we had, but those who have been at it for a while often need new inspiration and creativity. Actually, that’s not what they need. They’ve already heard plenty of inspiring stories at marriage conferences or read them in marriage books. What they need is doable, “how to” guidance for moving from theory to reality. We all know what it’s like to wish things were different, but how can you truly make things different? That is what we hope to help you do through this ministry.

Krista and I have been married since 1992. Between our own experiences and counseling others for almost 20 years, we have seen a lot of success and failure. The difference between the two usually comes down to who is willing to work really hard at the right things. Your marriage can be great, if you do it right. Trust me, it’s worth every ounce of energy.

We would like to help you have a great marriage.