Keep Her Simmering: The Cause of Frequent Sex

The most frequent cause of infrequent sex is selfishness. Conversely, when both husband and wife selflessly seek to bless the other in and out of the bedroom, sexual bliss will be a regular experience for both. When you both studiously learn what brings erotic gratification and gladness to the other, consistent joy follows. If you […]

Low Sex Drive

There may be a medical reason for reduced sexual interest. If that is true of you, seek medical help. But more common are emotional and relational reasons. Emotional apathy comes when something else in life has become more significant than the marriage. For example, stress has a major impact on sexual inclination. If a man […]

“Not Tonight, I Have a Headache”

There are legitimate health problems which hinder sexual pleasure. In such cases, appropriate medical attention should be sought. When a cure exists, find it so that pleasure can be pursued once again. However, symptoms may be exaggerated or invented by a spouse in order to provide an acceptable excuse for avoiding intercourse. When this happens, […]

You Are Not Too Busy for Sex

Really? Many couples struggle to “find time” for lovemaking, especially after the kids start arriving. Let’s think about this for a minute. Sex is designed by God to be immensely pleasurable for both spouses. It is the sublimest expression of love possible for human beings. It is intended to give a foretaste of eternal delight […]

Sex, Your Marriage Barometer

Do you know what a barometer is? It is “an instrument which measures atmospheric pressure, used especially to forecast the weather and determine altitude.” I like to say that sex measures a marriage’s relational pressure, (are things easy and loose or hard and tense?), helpful to forecast the whether (whether there are unresolved issues) and […]

God Designed Sex For Your Enjoyment

Sexual attraction is a powerful force. If it wasn’t, lust, fornication, and adultery would not be so hard to resist. But it is. For those of us who are married, the time to strenuously restrain sexual urges is over, and the time to vigorously pursue them has begun. This is true whether you have been […]