4 Foundation Stones
Devotional Stone
Financial Stone
Parental Stone
Sexual Stone

They say that sex and money provoke more marital strife than any other topics, which is too bad because both are supposed to be great blessings. Money is nothing more than a tool for making purchases. It only causes problems when you use it incorrectly or don’t use it together.


Building Block 1—Develop a Financial Philosophy Together

Strong marriages approach finances as a team. Even if one of you is much more interested in finances than the other, it is important to discuss these things together so that you share an understanding of good stewardship principles.

Read Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover together, one chapter per week until you have finished it. After each chapter, discuss Ramsey’s teaching and recommendations and how you might apply them to your life.


Action—Read The Total Money Makeover together


When Do We Move to the Next Building Block?

After you have finished reading the book.

Progress 33%

Building Block 2— Establish Long-Term Financial Goals

Sometimes, one spouse doesn’t care about financial planning. Then there’s the opposite problem, where you both have passionate but opposing goals. Planning together and agreeing on your financial desires will prevent bickering over money and inspire you to work together. This is crucial for laying a strong marriage foundation.

Implement Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby StepsThis link will take you to his website where you will create an emergency fund, payoff your debts, and work toward getting your finances in order. It’s a simple strategy to grasp, but it will take commitment and diligence from both of you.

You may also want to seek the advice of a financial planner, or you may just implement Ramsey’s plan. Either way, your marriage will grow stronger as you set clear financial goals together.

Action—Begin the 7 Baby Steps


When Do We Move to the Next Building Block?

Once you have begun implementing the 7 Baby Steps, but don’t forget to keep moving through the rest of the steps after you have created your emergency fund.

Progress 66%

Building Block 3—Create a Budget Together

It’s important for you to agree about what you are going to do with your money every month.

Your plan needs to be written and updated at least monthly. Whether you use online tools like Every Dollar or Mint, or a spreadsheet app, or even an old-fashioned budget by hand, stand together on the amounts you will save, spend, and give. Keep it up-to-date throughout the month. (Dave Ramsey has some helpful tools free on his website that you may want to use, including this free budgeting guide.)

Of course, a budget is only useful if you stick to it. That requires both of you to remain committed and disciplined. You can do it. It will be worth it. Be a team and achieve your financial goals.

Action—Make and keep a monthly budget


After you have created a monthly budget, you are ready for the next Foundation Stone.

Progress 100%
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